PiezoNEMS 2013 was the first PiezoNEMS workshop series. It took place on November 14th 2013 in Grenoble and we have welcomed more than 80 participants from several EU countries including France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Poland, Italy.

This workshop aimed at providing an overview of the most recent advances in piezoresistive and piezoelectric nanosystems (NEMS). A broad range of subjects was covered, from materials science to basic physics and device applications.

8h30 – Registration

9h – General introduction (L. Montès, IMEP-Lahc)
9h10 – Session 1
– “Formation mechanisms of ZnO nanowires by chemical bath deposition”, V. Consonni, (LMGP, Grenoble)
– “Growth of semiconducting core / functional oxide shell nanowires”, J Penuelas, (INL,Lyon)
– “Controlled growth of well aligned ZnO nanostructures”, N. Camara (GREMAN, Tours)
– “First-principles based multiscale model of piezoelectric nanowires with surface effects.”, A. Mitrushchenkov and J. Yvonnet (MSME, Paris)
– “Nanogenerators”, G. Ardila, (IMEP-Lahc, Grenoble)
– “On-chip tensile testing of the mechanical and electro-mechanical properties of nano-scale silicon free-standing beams up to fracture”, J.P. Raskin (Université Catholique de Louvain)
– “PiezoMEMS”, S. Basrour, (TIMA, Grenoble)
12h – Lunch break & Poster Session
13h – Session 2– “Graphene NEMS”, S. Wagner, M. Lemme (University of Siegen)
– “Nanosensors, a revolution for instrumentation industry”, L. Digianantonio (Toulouse)
– “PiezoNEMS: New characterization techniques & devices”, L. Montès (IMEP-Lahc, Grenoble)
14h – Webminar from Noliac on PiezoActuators / Poster Session
15h30 – Session 3
– “Ink designer for printed electronic , energy harvesting and security”, C. Philippot (Genes’INk)
– “Nano-optomechanical topological backaction processes”, A. Gloppe and O. Arcizet (I. Néel, Grenoble)
– “Challenges and solutions for very low energy consumption”, F. Balestra (Grenoble INP & SiNano Institute
16h30 – Rump Session – (M. Mouis, FMNT, Chairwoman)
17h – Conclusions