PiezoNEMS 2016 Workshop (2nd Session)
Grenoble PHELMA Auditorium A102

Thursday December 1st, 2016

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the most recent advances in piezoresistive and piezoelectric nanosystems (NEMS). A broad range of subjects will be covered, from materials science to basic physics and device applications.

Technical topics of interest (but not limited to):

  • Piezoresistive and piezoelectric MEMS & NEMS
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Growth & Technology
  • Characterization techniques
  • Sensors
  • Energy Harvesting
  • From research to industry

Who should attend ?

Everyone interested in NEMS (nanosystems), and especially with piezoresistive or piezoelectric properties, including
– Young researchers (Master students, PhD students, Post-doc)
– Senior researchers
– Engineers


8h30 – 9h : Registration
9h – 9h10: General introduction – Gustavo Ardila

9h10 – 10h10: Session 1
Enerbee: from Energy harvesting to a real product”, Thibault Ricart (Enerbee, Grenoble)
PiezoMEMS for energy harvesting and for haptic devices”, Skandar Basrour (TIMA, Grenoble)
New development in Piezo Response Force Microscopy”, Sergey Nesterov (NT-MDT, Ireland)

10h10 – 10h40 : Break – Poster session – Industrial demonstrations

10h40 – 12h00: Session 2
III-Nitrides nanowire growth and their piezoelectric properties”, Noëlle Gogneau (C2N, site Marcoussis)
Functional ZnO nanonets”, Céline Ternon (LMGP, Grenoble)
Semiconducting core / piezoelectric shell nanowires”, José Penuelas (INL, Lyon)
Structure-Function Relationships in Piezo-/Ferro-electric Polymers”, Eleni Pavlopoulou (LCPO, Bordeaux)

12h00 – 14h30 : Lunch Break – Poster session – Industrial demonstrations

14h30 – 15h30: Session 3
Challenges of Innovative Energy Harvesting integration on Silicon”, Stéphane Monfray (STMicroelectronics, Crolles)
Key issues for designing and manufacturing efficient nanogenerators incorporating hydrothermally grown ZnO nanowires”, Guylaine Poulin-Vittrant (GREMAN, Tours)
Individually contacted piezoelectric nanowires integrated onto a microelectronics chip”, Elise Saoutieff (CEA-LETI, Grenoble)

15h30 – 16h00 : Break – Poster session – Industrial demonstrations

16h00 – 17h00: Session 4
“Arveni”, Jean-Frederic Martin (ARVENI, Bron)
Towards high quality epitaxial piezoelectric LiNbO3 thin films”, Ausrine Bartasyte (FEMTO-ST, Besançon)
Nano-piezo-composites: from simulations to devices”, Gustavo Ardila (IMEP-LaHC, Grenoble)

17h00-17h30 : Discussion & conclusions – Laurent Montès

Poster List:

1. “Study of piezo-tunnel effect”, R. Rafael, E. Puyoo and C Malhaire, INL, Lyon.
2. « Broadband vibration harvesting », Adrien Morel et al., CEA/LETI/DACLE/LGECA, Grenoble.
3. « Piezoelectric ZnO/PMMA blends”, J. Maiz et al., LCPO, Bordeaux.
4. “Low temperature density controlled growth of ZnO nanowires for piezoelectric energy harvesting“, S. Boubenia et al. Greman, Tours.
5. « Epitaxially strained SrTiO3 », S. Bagdzevicius, N. Setter, CNRS/Grenoble INP/LMGP, Grenoble.
6. “Nitride NWs: From Rigid to flexible PG”, L. Lu, N. Jamond, P. Chrétien et al., Université Paris Sud, Paris.
7. « Optimization of dielectric matrix for ZnO nanowire based nanogenerators », M. Parmar et al., IMEP-LaHC, Grenoble Univ. Grenoble.
8. « III-N Piezoelectric Nanowires », L. Jaloustre, NPSC / Institut Néel / CNRS, Grenoble
9. «MSS of LiNbO3 & KNbO3 nanowires », Vincent Astié, Anthony Almirall, FEMTO-ST, Besançon.
10. «Epitaxial ZnO films », Sabina Kuprenaite et al, FEMTO-ST, Besançon.
11. A. El Kacimi et al., CEA-LETI, Grenoble.


PiezoNEMS 2016 will be held in PHELMA Minatec auditorium (A102)

Adress: 3, Parvis Louis Néel, 38000 GRENOBLE, France
GPS coordinates:     Latitude : 45.195937°    Longitude : 5.710041°

Google map it before your venue !

The location is just 5 min walk from the bus and SNCF train station.
You can also use the tram (B-Line) and stop at “Cité Internationale”.

Nearest international airports:
Lyon St Exupéry (LYS): 1h with a shuttle bus or TGV train
Grenoble St Geoirs (GNB): 1h with a shuttle bus
Paris Charles de Gaulle (GDC) : 3h with TGV rapid train


Registration is free but mandatory:

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